Golden Slipper Club & Charities, Golden Slipper Camp, Golden Slipper Gems, and the Passover League of Golden Slipper are each registered 501(c)(3) non profit entities. We would like to thank the officers and board members of each of our entities for their dedication to Golden Slipper and our charitable efforts.

Our President & Officers

A Message from President Kenneth R. Gilberg


Slipper is alive, well, growing and thriving. The Leadership teams of the Club, Camp, Center for Seniors, and Passover League are committed to growing Golden Slipper through increased activities, increased public awareness of our organization all designed to increase membership while supporting our mission. Each of our arms have a full plate of activities designed to support our community and those we serve.

We all understand that each of our four pillars work together to achieve our goals: 

Membership: We have activities planned to further increase the public awareness of Golden Slipper and to attract new members.

Charity: We continue to offer a plethora of help and assistance to those we serve through our groups and programs we offer. And if you have an idea, let us know!

Fundraising: We continue to look for new ways to raise funds.

Fraternity: We have been an organization whose members maintain and develop friendship and camaraderie; a tradition dating back to 1922. And one that we want to pass onto the next generation and continue to pass on to future generations.

Your thoughts and ideas are important. If you have an idea that can help support any of our four pillars, please reach out to me or other leaders so together we can continue to grow. 

Kenneth R. Gilberg, President


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Our Past Presidents